Complete small businessaccounting & bookkeeping

Origami helps Canadian small business owners stay on top of financials.

Why Choose Origami?

We’re an all-in-one accounting service

Imagine that your books are up to date, your tax returns are filed, and you have the planning and insight you need to succeed in your business

Monthly Bookkeeping

Each month, your Origami Staff Accountant will ensure your books are recorded, categorized, and up to date.

Financial Reporting

Each month, we'll produce clear and concise financial statements to help you monitor and manage your business.

Year End Financials

Understanding and managing finances is the toughest part of a very tough job. We can help you plan and set financial targets.

CPA Tax Planning

Your Origami CPA will handle your tax planning and recommend the best way to pay yourself in your business given your situation.

Corporate Tax

Each year, the Origami team will prepare and file your corporate tax return. This is included in the monthly fee.


We’ll prepare and file your sales tax returns as necessary within each jurisdiction, on a quarterly or annual schedule.

How It Works

Staying on top of your financials with Origami is easy

Get a handle on your bookkeeping, accounting, and corporate tax work in a few simple steps

Step 1

Meet With Us

Fill out our form and one of our sales team will contact you within one business day. Once we have a good fit, we’re ready to get started.

Step 2

Get On Board

We take stock of where you’re at, get you caught up, and then set up systems and processes to keep you on top of your financials.

Step 3

Stay Ahead

Each month, you’ll receive financial statements to help you plan and manage your business. Plus, your tax returns are prepared and filed.

We work with modern financial software


Our Story

An Open Letter to Small Business

This is the letter we posted on a single page website when we launched in 2011. The details have changed, our knees are older… but the mission is the same.

Dear Small Business Owner,

You have a growing young business on your hands. You’re busy bringing in new customers, providing amazing products and services, and keeping track of employees and vendors.

As an entrepreneur, you wear a lot of hats. We’d like to wear one for you.

Meet Origami. Origami exists to transform the tedium and anxiety of “keeping the books” into something… pleasant.

We call it The Art of Paperwork.

You may have worked with traditional accounting firms in the past. You may have thought that they might not be a perfect fit for small business. We thought that too. Let us introduce you to something different.

We’ve built a fully outsourced accounting solution for businesses like yours.

Imagine having the budget to have a team of accounting professionals on staff to take care of your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filings.

That’s Origami.

We charge a flat monthly fee and our service includes everything you need to keep your books current: your monthly bookkeeping, financial statements, GST remittances, and your year-end tax filing. There are no administration fees or fixed contract terms. You begin with your current monthly payment and continue on with the monthly fee directly debited from your bank account. You are totally up to date and compliant every single month.

We like to keep things straightforward and transparent. We hope you’re intrigued by our company and our service. We’d like to add your business to our growing list of happy customers.

Until we meet,


— The Origami Team



What our clients have to say

We come to work every day to help our clients succeed

When I incorporated, it just made complete sense to go with Origami. You have enough to worry about with all the other things in the business.
Jennifer Bergman
Jennifer Bergman
Jennifer Bergman Weddings
I lost a couple of years trying to get a handle on my bookkeeping and accounting. It’s really nice to have it figured out. And no surprise bills.
Rob Clarke
Rob Clarke
With Origami, I can see and know everything about my financials as I go. So I can just focus on my business and do the things I know how to do.
Jason Ewart
Jason Ewart
Student Suds
Going with Origami Accounting was one of the best choices we've made as a company to date. If you are a small business in Edmonton and beyond, I recommend Origami Accounting!
Kristen Mackie
Kristen Mackie
eLiasz and eLLa jewelry Inc.
Our accountant is very knowledgeable, and our bookkeeper is diligent and easy to deal with. Since switching to Origami, I rest easy knowing my business financials are in good hands.
Joel DeTeves
Joel DeTeves
Leap Cloud Solutions
Absolutely without a doubt the most helpful, straightforward and accommodating accounting firm I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
Gabrielle Chipeur
Gabrielle Chipeur
We know that it’s in good hands, it’s accurate, and we can show investors exactly how this whole thing works and how it’s going to make money.
Lawrence Bliss
Lawrence Bliss
Bliss Baked Goods
When Origami Accounting was introduced to me, I was impressed with their business model, their pricing and the range of service. The company is efficient and reliable.
Dominique Graf
Dominique Graf
Breath For Life

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