CPA CorporateTax Return Service

If you're a solo consultant or contractor who can provide completed bookkeeping, Origami can offer you an expert corporate tax service for $1,500.

How It Works

Getting your corporate tax return done with Origami is easy

If you're a consultant/contractor and your bookkeeping is ready to go, Origami can handle your corporate tax work in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Get Started

Fill out our online form or give us a call. Once we've confirmed your information, we're ready to go to the next step.

Step 2

CPA Tax Planning

Meet online with one of our CPAs to discuss your business. Together, we’ll create a tax plan that best fits your situation.

Step 3

Prepare and File

We’ll prepare your corporate tax return and supporting documents. Once you’ve approved the work, we’ll file your return with the CRA.


What our clients have to say

We come to work every day committed to helping our clients succeed

Going with Origami Accounting was one of the best choices we've made as a company to date. If you are a small business in Edmonton and beyond, I recommend Origami Accounting!
Kristen Mackie
Kristen Mackie
eLiasz and eLLa jewelry Inc.
Absolutely without a doubt the most helpful, straightforward and accommodating accounting firm I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
Gabrielle Chipeur
Gabrielle Chipeur

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Frequently asked questions

Does this service include bookkeeping?
No. The CPA corporate tax service is specifically designed for consultants and contractors who have completed their yearly bookkeeping and are looking for a CPA firm to handle their year end and corporate tax return. If you’re looking for bookkeeping help, Origami offers a flat-fee monthly bookkeeping and accounting service that also includes your year end and corporate tax filing.
I’m not sure my bookkeeping is actually “done” — how can I tell?
If you’re using bookkeeping software, all of your transactions for your fiscal year should be recorded and categorized and all of your bank accounts should be reconciled to match your statement balances at the end of your fiscal year. If you’re using a spreadsheet, you’ll need to provide a summary of your income and expenses.
Will you check my bookkeeping to make sure it’s accurate before filing?
We’ll review your bookkeeping to ensure your balances match what’s in your bank accounts and what’s been filed previously with the CRA. However, we won’t review your bookkeeping for accuracy beyond that. The accuracy and completeness of your bookkeeping is your responsibility. If you think your bookkeeping is getting too complicated for you to handle yourself, check out our monthly bookkeeping and accounting service.
Will the Origami CPA provide tax planning?
Yes. During the tax planning meeting, your CPA will discuss your compensation with respect to dividends vs. salary (i.e., how to best pay yourself as the owner). Your CPA will also make sure you have taken advantage of all allowable expenses in order to minimize your tax bill. As well, your CPA will go over any of your tax questions and make sure that your tax plan best suits your unique situation.
Will you communicate with the CRA on my behalf?
Because you’ve done the bookkeeping for your business, you’ll be the best person to answer any questions the CRA may have about your filing. If you need support in the case of an audit, we are happy to help, but, because audits are unpredictable (we don’t know when they’ll happen or what could be involved when they do), there will be additional fees for audit support. If you’re looking for a service that includes CRA correspondence and audit support, check out our monthly bookkeeping and accounting service.
What if I have more than one year end to file?
No problem. We can take care of all of your outstanding year ends for you, but we will do them one year at a time.

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