The Origami Mission

The Art of Paperwork

When you start a small business, you’re putting a lot of eggs into one basket. As Warren Buffett said, it’s important to watch that basket closely. For a small business owner, there are so many responsibilities and only so much time in the day - and bookkeeping and accounting isn’t everyone’s forte. The paperwork often gets short shrift. You fall behind on your books, you don’t have the information you need, and you’re scrambling to make your filing deadlines. If this describes your situation even slightly, Origami is the answer. Essentially, our service is a way to watch over your eggs and your basket. Origami’s mission is to give you, the entrepreneur, a clear window into how your business is performing and to make sure you stay ahead of and on top of your tax obligations. We turn the pain of paperwork into the art of paperwork.

Origami Team

I know firsthand how challenging being a small business owner can feel at times. Origami helps solve your bookkeeping and accounting needs and gets you back to growing your business.

Ashley Brulotte, Co-Founder, Origami

About Origami

In 2011, an Origami co-founder was struggling to complete the books and file a (late) corporate tax return for one of his prior businesses.

This hard knocks experience led to Origami, a simple idea that bookkeeping and accounting should be way less complicated and time consuming for Canadian small business owners. We launched in Edmonton on a wing and a prayer in late 2011. By the end of 2012, we had managed to sign up over 100 new clients. That was a great year!

In the years since, Origami has expanded across Canada to serve thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. We work just as well for small businesses as we do for businesses that aren’t quite so small anymore.

Imagine your books are up to date, your tax returns are filed, and you have the insight you need to grow your business right at your fingertips. You can now focus more time and energy on what you’re really passionate about: growing your business.

We’re a growing team of CPAs, Staff Accountants, Account Managers, and Software Engineers. We come to work every day to help our clients succeed. Our goals are simple. At Origami, we want to give small businesses the same financial insight typically available only to big businesses. And we think you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Google Reviews

But don’t just take our word for it, hear what some of our clients have had to say about us over the years.

Life before Origami was stressful! The simplicity of Origami’s process saves me valuable time, which I can use to work and generate revenue! The online system makes communicating with my team and checking financials a breeze. I would highly recommend Origami as a bookkeeper / accountant.
Jenelle G
I love this company! They really do understand what it’s like to be a small business owner and all the costs that go along with it. They take away the stress of running the books of a company so you can actually build your business. Could not have made it without them.
Brittany W
The service is outstanding. What I love most is that they do not talk down to me or try to talk over my head. The bookkeepers and my accountant explain things clearly and respect that even though they are doing my books, I still want to understand what’s happening with my company’s finances. Could not recommend them more!
Brenda K

Meet our team

Origami Accounting Inc. works with Origami Professional Corporation, a Public Accounting Firm, to prepare client year-end compilation services.

  • Ashley Brulotte

    Ashley Brulotte

    Chartered Professional Accountant

  • Rachel Della

    Rachel Della

    Chartered Professional Accountant

  • Darren Kam

    Darren Kam

    Chartered Professional Accountant

  • Ran  Lu

    Ran Lu

    Chartered Professional Accountant

  • Kris Sparrow

    Kris Sparrow

    Chartered Professional Accountant

  • Linda Zhang

    Linda Zhang

    Chartered Professional Accountant

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