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Profile: Jennifer Bergman Weddings

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Jennifer Bergman
Jennifer Bergman

If tying the knot is on your horizon, and you want your wedding to “wow”, Jennifer Bergman should be on your list of people to meet. Her company, Jennifer Bergman Weddings, plans and creates weddings that are nothing short of spectacular.

“Clients are attracted to us for our design aesthetic,” says Jennifer. “People who want a very clean, elegant and timeless design.” Clients can have the company provide complete design and coordination services with all the details expertly managed, or they can piece together a specific set of services to complement their existing plans.

Jennifer explains how the process works: “With our full design clients we begin with their ideas and priorities and we build their wedding from there. We’ll start with finding the perfect location and then move on to building a team of wedding professionals, from photography and video to flowers and everything in between. As we get closer to the wedding we help to ensure that all of the logistics and fine details are in place so everything goes smoothly.”

Jennifer Bergman Weddings
Jennifer specializes in elegant and timeless wedding design.

Jennifer attended the University of Alberta where she earned a business degree, majoring in marketing. “When I was in school I was part of a student conference called the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. It was a team of 9 and we planned an annual convention for business students from across North America. I got involved, and it really sparked my love for event planning.”

After graduating, Jennifer worked for a privately owned company in Alberta. Much to her delight, she was asked to plan their conferences. “I started to really love that part of my job,” she says. “I was actually in the market for a wedding planner, and couldn’t really find anyone in Edmonton doing it at the time, especially for the style I was looking for.” So Jennifer saw an opportunity and moved from corporate life to entrepreneurship.

Since Jennifer Bergman Weddings set up shop, the industry has changed dramatically. “It’s exploded quite a bit,” she says. “All the wedding TV shows came out around that time and they’ve just been building in popularity. That has really elevated the industry and wedding planners are much more common than they were 25 years ago.”

When asked what her favourite part of the business is, Jennifer points out that she really enjoys how her work is very project based and tailored to each couple she works with. “It’s always changing and I love to be able to start something with a couple and then see the end results. It’s very gratifying to see them so happy with their day and to be with them on that journey from start to finish.”

About Origami

Before Origami, Jennifer was working with an independent bookkeeper, but the situation didn’t end up working out. So she decided that a more structured service was ideal. “When I incorporated it just made complete sense to go with Origami. You have enough to worry about with all the other things in the business, so not having to worry about doing my own bookkeeping or financial statements is great. It’s not my forte or my interest!”