Monthly bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses.

Your books are up to date, your tax returns are filed, and you have the insight you need to grow your business right at your fingertips.

Send us your paperwork.

Each month, you collect your statements, receipts, and invoices and upload them directly to your Origami client portal.

We organize your bookkeeping.

Our bookkeepers will organize, categorize, and reconcile all of your transactions every month.

We’ll take care of your accounts, payroll, and returns.

Our professional accountant partners will monitor and manage all of your accounts: payroll, GST, PST/HST, and your yearly tax return. They'll also provide you with advice and continual support...all for a flat monthly fee.

Keep your finger on the pulse, and spend more time on your business.

You can now focus more time and energy on what you’re really passionate about: growing your business.

Why don’t you charge by the hour?

It’s been our experience that hourly billing creates – a kind of – adversarial system where our clients are reluctant to ask us questions (for fear of being billed) and where the level of our compensation rises the more inefficiently we perform our work. Origami is structured to ignore billable hours because we don’t trust ourselves well enough to operate under incentives to do bad things!*

*We are fairly certain we adapted this concept from the inimitable Charlie Munger. We highly recommend all of his wisdom.

What if my business changes direction? What reason would Origami have to put me in a lower price category?

If we’re charging you the wrong price, someone is going to come along and charge you the right price.

So how much do I have to pay for you to do the annual corporate tax return?

Nothing. It’s included in your monthly fee. Really.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Financial Statements?

From Origami’s Guide For Small Business

There are few questions more shocking to an accountant than “Why do we need financial statements?”

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