Stay on top of yourbookkeeping & accounting

If you’re a consultant or contractor, Origami can take care of your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filings for $300 a month.

Why Choose Origami?

We’ve got your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax covered

Bookkeeping, accounting, and CPA tax returns for incorporated consultants and contractors who want to focus on what they do best.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Each month, your Origami Staff Accountant will ensure your transactions are recorded and categorized, and your books are up to date.

Financial Reporting

Monthly reports show you the money coming in and the money going out. You'll know where your finances stand and where they're going.

Corporate Tax

Your Origami CPA will do your yearly tax planning and prepare and file your corporate tax return. This is included in the monthly fee.

We work with modern financial software


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What our clients have to say

We come to work every day committed to helping our clients succeed

When I incorporated, it just made complete sense to go with Origami. You have enough to worry about with all the other things in the business.
Jennifer Bergman
Jennifer Bergman
Jennifer Bergman Weddings
Our accountant is very knowledgeable, and our bookkeeper is diligent and easy to deal with. Since switching to Origami, I rest easy knowing my business financials are in good hands.
Joel DeTeves
Joel DeTeves
Leap Cloud Solutions

Frequently asked questions

I’m behind on my bookkeeping. Can you help me get caught up to date?
Absolutely. The fact is most clients need us to do at least some catch up work to get their books up to date. We determine the scope of your catch up work (bookkeeping and prior year tax filing) during the onboarding process. And we’ll give you a flat fee quote to complete the work.
I’m way behind. Is Origami still a good fit?
We cannot take on more than 5 years (60 months) of catch up work per new client. Most of our bookkeeping team is assigned to regular monthly work so we have to be careful in managing the workload in our catch up queue. Although we’d be happy to work with you once you’re caught up, if you have more than 5 years of catch up work, Origami, unfortunately, wouldn’t be a good fit.
I’m in the middle of my fiscal year. Can I switch to Origami from my current provider?
If you’re more than 9 months into your fiscal year, and your current provider has already done the bookkeeping work for those months, then we recommend that you finish the year with your current provider and start with Origami for your new fiscal year. If you want us to take over the bookkeeping from another service provider in the middle of your fiscal year, we’d need to review the file to identify issues that need to be addressed before we can start. We will also need to charge a minimum fee to cover the year end filing if you are more than half way into your fiscal year.
What bookkeeping software do you use?
We work exclusively with QuickBooks Online (QBO). If you’re currently using another system (Xero, Wave, etc.), we’ll handle getting you set up on QBO. If you have a requirement to use something other than QBO for your bookkeeping, then, unfortunately, we wouldn’t be a good fit for your needs.
I’ve been doing bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online. I’m up to date. Can you simply take over?
Yes. But before starting our monthly service, we’ll review your existing QBO file to make sure it’s up to our bookkeeping standards. If for any reason there are issues with the file, we’ll send you a detailed list of what needs to be fixed. Alternatively, we could fix or redo the bookkeeping for you depending on what state it’s in. We would tell you up front if we need to charge additional fees for this fix-up work.

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