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Origami on Substack

We started a Substack in April. The Origami name was taken so we called it Origamica, our domain name (origami.ca) without the dot. You can find us at origamica.substack.com, and you can find a full list of our articles in our resources section here.

The point was to write weekly long-form articles that would interest small business owners. Small business life touches on so many broad topics: finance, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, psychology. There's a lot to cover.

Our co-founders pitched in: Sridhar does the writing; Kris, Darren, and Ashley help with ideas, feedback, and editing. We didn't know if we'd be able to stick to the weekly schedule, so we kept things quiet. But we just hit our 20th post yesterday. It's probably safe to put the word out.

Here's a sample:

We'll be posting a new article every week. Hope you enjoy!