Fixed monthly billing

We offer four different pricing categories based on the size and nature of your business. We charge fixed rates. There are no hourly charges or surprise bills. You'll always know how much you're paying up front.

You’re a consultant

Just you • 1–2 clients a year

You work for one or two clients in a year, and you’re a one-person company. Your situation is unique, and so is your paperwork.

Very small business

Owner managed • No employees

You’re just getting started, or you’ve chosen to keep things small. You’re a one-person show or you have business partners. You don’t yet have any employees and you have fewer than 20 invoices or sales transactions per month.

Small business

1–5 employees • 50+ transactions

Most of our clients fit into this category. Your business has gained traction, and you have a solid customer base. You have people on the payroll, and your transaction volume is solid.

Becoming a big small business

6+ employees • Unique needs

You have a solid group of staff, many happy customers, lots of transactions, and even some fairly complex ones.

Your flat monthly fee includes the following:

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Payroll support
  • Administration fees
  • Annual financial statements
  • Annual corporate tax return
  • CRA correspondence/audit support
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Access to advice from a Chartered Accountant when you need it

There are no administration fees or fixed contract terms. There are no separate fees for your year-end taxes, no separate fees for CRA audit support, and no separate fees for corporate tax guidance.

Behind on your paperwork or your taxes?

Don’t worry. Most of our clients come to us with at least a few months, and sometimes several years, of “catch-up” work to be done. We understand that getting caught up can be a burden, so don’t put it off. Just take everything you have, put it in a box, and bring it in. We’ll sort things out and communicate with the CRA on your behalf and we’ll prorate the fees to make things more manageable for you. You’ll be up to date in no time.

Behind on your paperwork?

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